CORPORATE cultural FORUM 15 | GLOBALISATION, Corporations & Culture

The content will be the result of a collaboration between Zamyn and its partners, building on the recognition that corporations, as much as artistic and academic institutions, are cultural agents both shaping and shaped by the societies in which they operate.

Zamyn collaborates with academic, NGO and media organisations, as well as corporate partners to produce a series of platforms. This collaborative approach will explore the intersections of business, citizenship and culture from a multiplicity of vantage points, synthesising disciplines and perspectives to illuminate a variety of questions, conclusions and suggestions for action. The events will be launched with an opening address, followed by a gala dinner.

Image credit: Gallery 9 & Sackler Octagon, Tate Britain. Image copyright: Tate.


Venue: Gallery 9 and Sackler Octagon, Tate Britain
Date and Address: to be announced


Professor Craig Calhoun chairing a panel on ‘globalisation: corporations and culture’, at the London School of Economics.

Professor Henrietta L. Moore in conversation with business leaders, at the Barbican.

Dr Robin Niblett in conversation with a global politician or a leading economist, at Chatham House.

Caroline Kende-Robb, the director of Africa Progress Panel chairing a panel on equitable and sustainable development in Africa.

(Further public panels to be confirmed). 

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