To thrive a corporation needs to provide the goods and services which a society needs or wants. For Adam Smith’s archetypal baker embedded in a small community, this is relatively simple; for a global corporation interfacing with multiple cultures which both evolve and often overlap, the challenge is complex. By bringing together the corporate and cultural world Zamyn deepens the understanding of both, illuminating the flow and counter flow of influences involved in the process of globalisation. This can lead not just to greater mutual understanding, but to cooperation and positive impacts. Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of the Global Compact Foundation and Zamyn.

Multinational corporations are major drivers of social change: People are more interdependent with corporations and their products and services than ever before. New communication tools have made this interdependency more widespread during a time which sees a progressive weakening of the role of nation-states. Openly positioning corporations at the forefront of negotiations and policy is essential. So too is the role of culture in global and corporate governance. Traditional avenues such as politics or economics alone do not provide or reflect a complete understanding of globalisation. Culture, which encompasses political and economic language and behaviour amongst many other practices and ideas, should be seen as a common, if nuanced, ground for economic and political decision-making. Cultural literacy can enhance trust and is often more dynamic in its impact than siloed political or economic strategies.

Zamyn’s work focuses on the inherent interplay between corporations and culture- corporations for culture - in a global context and provides insights and communication channels which foreground the importance of this interplay in innovative approaches to global governance. The inevitably vital governance role played by MNCs is a major aspect of each corporation’s brand and identity: The Corporation’s political leverage and cultural leverage -its philosophies, messages, practices and products which profoundly shape and reflect an ever shifting set of global contemporary cultures and societies across borders- must be viewed as fundamentally interwoven. Zamyn has worked with leading western corporations, including: Accenture, Barclays, and Shell International.

In a digital world with changing power shifts, business corporations need to look for new ways of engaging influential stakeholder communities. Zamyn provides a special opportunity for testing, challenging and debating how business adds value in a more transparent and consumer-empowered world. Mark Spelman, Managing Director, Accenture