Zamyn’s research, analysis and publications focus on the inherent interplay between corporations and culture - corporations as culture - in a global context and provides insights which foreground the importance of this interplay in innovative approaches to corporate leadership and global governance. Working closely with economists, business leaders and politicians alongside artists, academics, psychoanalysts and cultural theorists allows Zamyn to provide uniquely thorough and comprehensive research which gives a 360 degree expert perspective, assimilated by its team of highly analytical and interdisciplinary researchers, providing high quality reports which configure corporations as pivotal cultural institutions in a globalized world. Combining a finely-tuned grasp of the aims and objectives of policy makers, governance bodies and leading multinational corporations (MNCs), with an in-depth understanding and relevant application of leading-edge thought in the fields of sociology, anthropology, psychoanalysiscritical theory and the the arts allows Zamyn to tailor its reports so that innovative and valuable insights are tightly honed to match the most relevant and pressing business and policy challenges.


Transparency: Thinking the Terms of Reparation and Progress, by Julie Scrase and Nikolay Mintchev

The assertion that we are currently living in an “Age of Transparency” is as much of a cliché as it is an invocation. As Costas Douzinas (2013) states, mainstream economics and its paraphernalia of graphs, figures and repetitive clichés act as the “reality principle” of our age – a “regulatory” benchmark for governing seemingly conscious and strategic behaviors on an individual and institutional level. Read More

Trust: Imagining Mutual Futures in Global Uncertainty, by Julie Scrase and Nikolay Mintchev

When the recent financial crisis, compounded by more recent, apparently ongoing, revelations of malpractice within parts of the financial sector (LIBOR, EURIBOR, FOREX…) steamed off the press and into the broader media flurry and popular consciousness, business at-large suffered a degree of reputational contamination and resulting trust deficits impacted the economy at the macro level...Read More

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Mona Hatoum, Suspended[link]/current/mona-hatoum2.html[/link] Shirin Neshat, Kouross (Patriots)[link]/current/shirin-neshat2.html[/link] Shirin Neshat, Roja (Patriots)[link]/current/shirin-neshat3.html[/link] Yinka Shonibare MBE, Boy on Globe[link]/current/yinka-shonibare2.html[/link] Mona Hatoum, Hot Spot III[link]/current/mona-hatoum1.html[/link] Doris Salcedo, Shibboleth, 2007, Installation, The Unilever Series Tate Modern, Marcus Leith and Andrew Dunkley © Tate 2008[link]/current/doris-salcedo.html[/link]