Converging Leaders in Critical Thought

Zamyn Encounter is an annual high-profile public event which forges a powerful and collaborative exchange between two leading individuals: one from the world of business and the other spearheading artistic, literary, cultural, academic, political or development practice. It forms a nexus for the convergence of two spheres of expertise and production which, whilst intrinsically interlinked, rarely meet as equal stakeholders to generate original thought leadership. The Encounter is an unprecedented format for the generation and dissemination of serious, original discussion and thought generated by adhering to the following principles:

The Encounter is built upon the firm belief that this collaboration – a meeting of minds and a synthesising of perspectives- will be a uniquely provocative and constructive platform for developing innovative approaches and solutions to important challenges. 

The collaboration which underpins the Encounter is 'driven by complex realities rather than romantic notions of a common ground or commonality. It is an ambivalent process constituted by a set of paradoxical relationships between co-producers who affect each other.'[1] 

The Encounter does not prescribe rigidly structured discourse, nor encourage rhetoric or adversarial point-scoring.

The Encounter intelligently embraces the ambivalence at play in collaborative activities and provides a space for this to become exploratory, revealing and creative, allowing participants to identify and reflect upon differences, as well as agreements, so as to break new ground.

[1] See 'Collaboration: The Dark Side of the Multitude', Florian Schneider for Zamyn, 2005.

For further information contact: 

Julie Scrase, Head of Programmes, London 
t: +44 (0)207 845 4685