The interview is one of the most thought-provoking and revealing forms of human interaction. We are often at our most unguarded and spontaneous in conversation, and so new insights and discoveries can emerge, which often take both listener and speaker by surprise. Andy Warhol's Interview and Wenner's Rolling Stone made, in their time, significant contributions to the understanding of art and how it is made. Rather than rehashing old ideas, the interview has the potential to both create and stimulate.

The Zamyn interviews are extensive, in-depth conversations: an exploration, through speech, of economic, political and social processes. They bring together a diverse group, from artists and psychoanalysts to business leaders and politicians, to discuss the key questions of the forces at play in the contemporary world. Zamyn's focus on the unconscious and hidden side of political and social dynamics allows these to be framed in new ways, facilitating a pioneering intellectual understanding of how culture impacts upon global systems.

INTERVIEW 12: Colin MacCabe with Moustapha Safouan 

Colin MacCabe is a British writer and film producer. He is Distinguished Professor of English and Film at the University of Pittsburgh and Associate Director of the London Consortium.
Moustapha Safouan is an eminent Lacanian psychoanalyst, and author of Why are the Arabs Not Free?