Publication: Cultural Politics in a Global Age: Uncertainty, Solidarity and Innovation.

Edited by David Held and Henrietta L. Moore, 2008

The essays collected here provide an account of culture as a major force in social, economic and political transformations. They examine how culture is contesting, amplifying, and altering the nature, direction and understandings of globalisation processes, and they discuss these processes from the perspective of diverse audiences, including the academy, business, policy makers, cultural institutions and community activists. The aim of this collection is to change the terms of debate, and to suggest new ways of conceptualising and theorising the links between culture and economic and social well-being by combining critical thinking from a broad range of philosophical and geo-political perspectives.

"A broad and authoritative book, which puts together philosophy, politics, economics and technology. Much more than a loose collection of articles, the book expresses a coherent point of view: cosmopolitan in outlook but attentive to local differences and specific cultural practices. Held and Moore have produced a benchmark book in the analysis of cultural politics." Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and New York University

"A major contribution to interdisciplinary debates on contemporary culture and a must for every thinking person." Rosi Braidotti, Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, Utrecht University.


Introduction: Cultural Futures, David Held and Henrietta L. Moore

PART I: Culture And The Public Domain

1. The Problem of Culture, Henrietta L. Moore

2. The Capacity to Aspire: Culture and the Terms of Recognition, Arjun Appaduri

3. Notes on Globalization and Ambivalence, Homi K. Bhabha

4. Culture and Captivity, Amartya Sen

5. Realistic Cosmopolitanism: How do Societies Handle Otherness? Ulrich Beck

6. Religious Tolerance: The Pacemaker for Human Rights, Jurgen Habermas

PART II: Cultural Technologies And Social Transformations

7. Global Immediacy, John Tomlinson

8. Glimpsing God on the Internet, Don Slater

9. The Politics of Culture and Culture as Politics, Danny Schechter

10. Navigating Digital Geographies, Augustus Casely-Hayford 

11. Martin Heidegger Goes to the Movies, John Hutnyk 

PART III: The Crisis Of Liberalism And Secularism

12. Liberalism, Secularism and the Challenge of Religion: Is There a Crisis? Paul Kelly

13. The Problem of Oppressive Cultures, Kok-Chor Tan

14. Cultures and the Religions of Liberalism in a Global Era, Pheng Cheah

15. National Identity versus Cosmopolitan Identity, Mont Serrat Guibernau  

16. Cultural Diversity, Cosmopolitanim Principles and the Limits of Sovereignty, David Held 

PART IV: Soft Power And The Question Of ‘Americanisation’

17. Culture, Soft Power and 'Americanisation', Joseph S. Nye, Jr. 

18. Calling All Patriots: The Cosmopolitan Appeal of Americanism, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Thomas Hale

19. Can Hollywood Still Rule the World? Janet Wasko

20. Race, Rice and the Info-War, Paul Gilroy 

21. Hard Times for Soft Power? America and the Atlantic Community, Michael Cox and Adam Quinn

PART V: Interpretive Communities

22. The World is not Flat, Akbar S. Ahmed  

23. Ritual Economy and Rural Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics, Mayfair Mei-Hui Yang 

24. Cosmopolitan Contamination, Kwame Anthony Appiah 

25. On Global Measures of Culture: A View from Indian, Kriti Kapila 

26. Culture, Reconciliation and Community Building: Lessons from South Africa, The Most Reverend Njongo Nkulu Ndungane 

27. Cultural Diversity and Integration in the European Union, James Tully 

PART VI: Markets, Corporations And Ethics

28. Business and Global Health in an Era of Globalization: Reflections on Public/Private Partnerships as a Cultural Innovation, Jeffrey L. Sturchio 

29. Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Anomalies of the Patent System, Yusuf Hamied 

30. Future Making: Corporate Performativity and the Temporal Politics of Markets, Georgina Born 

31. Globalisation and the Threats to the West, Will Hutton 

32. Cultural Transformations: Financial Markets and Corporate Governance, Howard Davies 

PART VII: The Production Of New Desires And Subjectivities

33. Living in Utopia, Zygmunt Bauman

34. New Subjectivities? Darian Leader

35. Displacement in Zion: Modern Subjectivites on the Move, Jacqueline Rose 

36. Lost and Found, Doreen Baingana 

37. Productive Anticipation, Irit Rogoff and Florian Schneider  

38. Subjectivity in Times of an Abundance of Choice, Renata Salecl

39. Fashioning the Late Modern Body: The Democratisation of Beauty, Susie Orbach