Paul Gilroy

Paul Gilroy is Professor of American and English Literature at Kings College, London. Formerly he was Anthony Giddens Professor in Social Theory at the London School of Economics, the chair of the Department of African American Studies, Professor of Sociology at Yale University, Professor of Cultural Studies and Sociology at Goldsmiths College and Visiting Professor at the Centre of Humanities, Utrecht University. Paul Gilroy is well known for his studies questioning purist notions of Western civilization and rigid definitions of nationalism. In work such as Small Acts: Thoughts on the Politics of Black Cultures, and There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack: The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation, he examines what he considers to be the structurally porous nature of cultural boundaries.

His academic work has combined critical commentaries on the music, art and vernacular cultures of the African diaspora into the western hemisphere. He has also been a consultant for the BBC and on film productions.