Lord Giddens

Lord Anthony Giddens is one of Britain's leading sociologists. He is internationally famous for his writings in sociology, politics and social theory. He is the author or editor of more than thirty books which have been translated into many languages. Eight books, including one four-volume study, have been written specifically devoted to Giddens' work.

In 1999 his BBC Reith Lectures were published as Runaway World (1999). Among Lord Giddens' recent books are Beyond Left and Right (1994) and The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy (1998). The Third Way has been extensively discussed by academic and political leaders throughout the world. Giddens, also former Director of the London School of Economics,where he is now Emeritus Professor. Lord Giddens was an advisor to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and has been a vocal participant in British political debates, supporting the Labour Party. Lord Giddens was given a life peerage in June 2004, as Baron Giddens of Southgate in the London Borough of Enfield and sits in the House of Lords for Labour.